Expert Removalists – The Full Package

If you are going to pay extra for expert removalists when relocating, then why not go for the full package and relinquish all the stress of moving onto them. But what should you expect from a comprehensive removal service:

1. A Plan

An Expert Removalists should provide you with a detailed plan regarding all the logistics of your relocation, no matter how near or far you are moving form your current location. This plan should include a quote covering all your costs, a proposed route as well as all the types of transport that will be used throughout the removal process.

The plan will allow you to arrange your movements around your relocation experience. However, you need to stay in contact with them on a regular basis so that you can alter your arrangements to suit any changes that could be made from time to time.

2. A Packing Service

A packing service should box up all your loose belongings safely and securely without you having to lift a finger. Each box should be marked as to the contents and the room it needs to placed in at your destination. In addition, the packing service should unpack the boxes in your new home.

3. The Furniture and Appliance Removal

Expert removalist should have the necessary experience to load each furniture item and appliance professionally onto the truck using different measures to ensure their safety while en-route. They should secure each item and know the special instructions that they need to follow when moving high-priced electronics and appliances. Each item should be placed in a predetermined room in your new home which should form part of your removal plan.

Make sure that your removal experts will have access to any equipment that may be necessary to move certain items that are too heavy, bulky or awkward to carry. If you have any specialized removal needs such as the relocation of a grand piano, ensure that they are experienced in moving these objects.

4. A guarantee

Professional movers should not be afraid to provide you with a guarantee that all your goods will arrive undamaged at their destination address. They should also offer you additional insurance to cover you and them, should any of the items be lost, damaged or stolen during transit. A guarantee and insurance should give you the peace of mind that all your valuable belongings will arrive undamaged.

5. A Cleaning Service

Find out if your removal service can provide you with or recommend a professional cleaning service. The cleaning service can ensure that your new home is spotless before the furniture is moved in as well as take care of cleaning your belongings as they are placed in their predetermined spots. The cleaning service can also clean your existing home after the removal team has done their job to leave it in the best condition for the new occupants.

Keep in mind that many of these services are optional extras and will add dollars and cents to your removal estimate.